Feb 20, 2019

Everyone needs their own digital home on the Internet

By guest writer Bijai Jayarajan, entrepreneur, Houm Technology Singapore

What comes to your mind when you see a domain? An online address for hosting information. The general perception is that only enterprises need domains to create their websites. The fact is that everyone, whether they are a business enterprise or individuals, need to have their own address and own space on the internet.

With the increased usage of technology, individuals too have a lot of exchange of information on the internet. Everyone has files, photos, documents and other digital assets – their personal digital stuff which may be meant for sharing or be kept private only to themselves.

Where do individuals store, organise and share their personal digital stuff? Either on their personal offline devices OR on emails, online drives, photo sharing platforms which are owned by companies like Google, Facebook, Flickr etc. Once your personal data is shared on other companies’ platforms, you do not own any of it and are forced to give up your privacy or else keep it offline for privacy.

Now the individuals have the power to legally own their private space on the internet without worrying about complicated permissions. Houm Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd. helps you create your own digital home.

To build your digital home, follow these simple steps:

  1. Come to houm.me
  2. Decide what you want to name your digital home – choose your domain i.e. your address on the internet.
  3. Decide how big your digital home should be – your storage space (in GB) and where you want it to be hosted (choose from various storage partners)
  4. Pay for the domain & the storage; you truly own your digital home when you pay for it
  5. To watch your Houm come alive, bring your data Houm by syncing your google and dropbox accounts, downloads from Facebook and Instagram and uploads of offline data from your devices into your Houm
  6. There is a digital butler at Houm – Kaai. Kaai can help you organise data inside Houm

Because you legally OWN your digital houm, you have:

  1. Full ownership of your space on the internet and all the data inside your Houm
  2. Complete privacy in all respects – no person, company, software or app can access your data except you.
  3. Accessibility to ONLY YOU anytime, anywhere, without being profiled, analysed or judged by any company, not even Houm Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  4. Private interactions with people who matter to you by adding them as your Neighbors.

To build your digital houm, come to www.houm.me or download the app.


Author Bio

Bijai Jayarajan, entrepreneur, Houm Technology Singapore

Bijai Jayarajan is an entrepreneur. His first venture is India’s #1 loyalty & rewards management company – Loylty Rewardz Mngt Pvt. Ltd. Bijai is one of the very few entrepreneurs in India to have given multi-bagger exit to his venture capital investors.

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