Jun 19, 2018

Rodchenko Art School’s ‘Test Group’ Exhibition To Open In Moscow

.ART is proud to support one of Europe’s leading art schools, Rodchenko Art School, and their annual graduation exhibition. The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation will host the exhibition which opens on 22 June 2018 and runs until 10 July. Admission is free.

The exhibition entitled ‘Test Group’ explores the ideas of hierarchy and structures within our society. It uses an experimental ‘test group’ to allude to the increasingly dispersed, illusory and transparent experience of humanity. Poignant concerns are raised regarding the rise of ‘testing’ within corporations and queries are raised about whether the students have been successful in creating their own aesthetic or whether they have simply becoming part of someone else’s testing practice.

.ART supports the installation by one of the graduate students, Natalia Alfutova. Her interactive installation, Rabbit Heart, invites guests to create their own online rabbit avatars. The avatars live in the virtual world, and their autonomous life can be followed by their owners. The project highlights the phenomenon of the progressive virtualization of our lives and the fact that our lives are becoming so intertwined with social media that it seems reality can be ‘simulated’. It builds on the theory of futurists that humanity will be completely transformed into a giant digital cloud. 

Rodchenko Art School provides three-year-long educational programs which have been developed based on the experience and practices of leading international art and photography schools. Around forty new students are accepted into the program every year and are placed under the supervision of 4-6 master curators. Entry is based on the student’s performance during the admission exams.

‘Test Group’ Exhibition runs from 22 June 2018 and until 10 July.

Moscow, 107996, 21/5 Kuznetsky Most, porch 8, entrance from Bolshaya Lubyanka street.

Opening hours: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. (except Mondays).

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