Sep 19, 2018

Visser - Holon

Design Studio Martens & Visser explore the properties of light via their reflective ‘Holon’ installations. Michiel Marten’s craftsmanship and imaginative perspectives complement Jetske Visser’s ability to strip down items to their bare bones before delicately displaying the components.

Variously described as a teardrop or a soap bubble, the whimsical works move delicately in a manner that creates the illusion of a ghostly, yet colorful, spherical form. The bubble disperses the surrounding light into rainbows that dance around the room, as the luminescent strips melt into a dynamic whole. The dancing of the Holon installation is facilitated by the motorized rotating axes attached to the works.

Martens & Visser are driven by the desire to reveal the undiscovered. Their mesmerizing holon’s are created using razor-thin transparent foil, made possible by advances in technology, and were stumbled upon during their experiments.

The designers have worked with a number of companies, academies, design studios, private collectors and exhibition spaces from around the world.

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