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“.COM”已经够优秀了,为什么还需要 “.ART?”
什么是文化?两千多年前,古罗马哲学家西塞罗(Cicero)用拉丁文首次对这个抽象的概念给出了一个定义—“cultura animi”意为“灵魂的培养”。文化的养成非一朝一夕可以促成,是人类在漫长的历史...
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Your art should be protected from turns of fortune, data breaches and… social media apocalypse.
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Everyone needs their own digital home on the Internet
By guest writer Bijai Jayarajan, entrepreneur, Houm Technology Singapore
Portfolio on .ART: How to showcase your creative work in 4 simple steps
At .ART, the world’s most creative online space for artists, we’re all about celebrating art and inn...
New .ART Feature: Make Your Website In Minutes
The intuitive website builder is now available at .ART’s flagship store